Allan and Guy will bring to light the new challenges facing leaders of all levels in today’s complex business environment and how becoming a curious leader holds the solutions to those challenges.

This keynote speech will inspire your leaders/organization to lead their team’s to greater results through adopting a curious mindset and leading through genuine and authentic questions.

Your leadership audience will be introduced to the Knower / Learner spectrum and how to migrate towards the Learner mindset.

Key concepts include:

  • Learning to pause, reflect and plan so they can maximize their team outcomes.
  • Enhancing their sensitivity to their audience and surroundings, they will achieve more powerful results.
  • Honing their listening skills to elevate the quality of the questions they ask.
  • Identifying the Knower or Learning biases and adjusting their leadership style accordingly.
  • Migrating themselves and teach team members to move towards the Learner Mindset.
  • Understanding and maintaining the Leader’s Optimal Operating State for greater impact as a leader.

Call for details on how we can tailor a program specific to your needs.

Make sure everyone at your event receives a copy of Out of the Question. To request a bulk order at a discounted rate please email sales@advantageww.com. For a quantity of 50-149 books you will receive 30% off list price. For a quantity of 150-499 books you will receive 35% off list price