• "Out of the Question is a must read for any CEO seeking to elevate their leadership style. Incorporating more of the "Learners Mindset" in my daily work will be essential in leading our continued efforts of building high functioning teams capable of making the necessary adjustments in the dynamic healthcare marketplace."

    Tom Carroll

  • "Milham and Parsons introduce the compelling "Learner Mindset" that is a requirement for today's leaders. It's a game changer in leadership philosophy, and essential for unifying a workforce including the broad range of expectations from baby boomers to millennials. Out of the Question is a must read for executives pursuing continual improvement."

    Mark Gilreath
    Founder and CEO, ENDOCHOICE

  • “This concept is not a fad or some fly by night leadership theory…this transformative read will be applicable 100 years from now.”

    Robb Gomez

  • “As leaders, we might have the answers, but it’s the question we need to get right. This book helps you engage more fully those around you in making the important decisions that drive your organization.”

    Verne Harnish
    CEO GAZELLES, Author of The Greatest Business Decisions of All Time and Scaling Up

  • "Out of the Question will help any leader take his or her results to the next level. The 'Learner Mindset' is the most important leadership skillset for the next decade.”

    David Hoffman
    Director, Internet Security and Privacy Officer, INTEL CORPORATION

  • "A compelling and relevant book for today's leaders committed to empowering their teams to greater & sustained results."

    Ashish Lahoti

  • “Asking the right question in the right way is unquestionably the hardest skill for any leader to develop. Read this book and save yourself twenty years of learning the hard way!“

    Robert O. Martichenko

  • “Coaching is a critical skill for any transformational leader. And, asking good questions – better considered, better formulated, better delivered – is a critical skill for any leader. Authors Parsons and Milham not only lay out a convincing argument for the foundational place of asking good questions, they give us a practical guide which any leader can use to become a better questioner and coach. This book helped me already.”

    John Shook

  • "Out of the Question delivers a leadership blueprint to successfully lead today's workforce and provoke leaders to step into the required mindset to win!"

    Ken Simonelic
    Vice President of Information Technology, TELEVERDE, INC.

  • "Focused, straight-forward, and relevant for how we are to lead to greater results in today's demanding and ever increasing complex work world."

    Lodewijk Govaerts
    CEO, SCOTIABANK Malaysia

  • "A brilliant how-to book to transform your culture with a new leadership mindset that works."

    Ravishankar Kuppuswamy
    Vice President, Platform Engineering Group INTEL CORPORATION

These two experienced practitioners in these complimentary domains insist on adopting a management methodology that hinges on asking questions and, specifically on asking the right kinds of questions, at the right time, and in the right setting.

Their prescriptions and suggestions come from long careers. Allan’s expertise relates to his fully articulated executive coaching style, which is highly personalized. Guy draws on his decades of experience as a thought leader, practitioner, and mentor to organizations and teams that want to emulate the success of archetypal lean organizations. Their skill sets have transformed enterprises, operating groups, and individuals in realms as diverse and vital to our economy as manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and professional services.

Both authors are experts in their fields. Allan’s explanation of his own professional transformation is at the core of this book, and Guy’s experience as one of the first lean leaders sets the scene for a very hands-on statement of mission, as well as a detailed, step-by-step, path to successful implementation. The blending of their experiences, with its clear prescription for curiosity, insight, and action, will enrich your personal and professional life. The lessons to be learned from the authors’ experience span the full range of control of any organization: from line responsibility to the highest reaches of management and Boards. Allan and Guy provide the reader with a roadmap and a methodology to optimize such efforts.

Unlike many of the self-proclaimed lean and coaching gurus, these two lucid commentators understand that this mentoring journey is based on principles, clarified by example, reinforced by curiosity, inspired by behaviors, and rooted in a sustainable culture of asking the right questions . . . and then listening very carefully to the answers. Listen carefully to the play of words inherent in the phrase, “Out of the Question.”




More about Allan:

With his strategic “Bold Moves®” system designed for catapulting high-energy individuals into lives of great contribution, Allan brings high-energy and passion and has been coaching leaders to greater performance as a certified professional coach since 1998. Having climbed more than one corporate ladder, Allan has gained key understanding of the dynamic relationship between the needs of individual contributors and the objectives of organizations.

Prior to starting his own company in 1998, Allan’s professional experience included serving as a consultant for one of the world’s leading career transition firms, Drake Beam Morin. He also held key leadership roles for Marriott International and with TMI USA, an international human resources consulting firm focusing on performance management, customer service, culture change and human relations.

In addition to Out of the Question: How Curious Leaders Win, Allan is also the co-author of Who Are You … When You Are Big? and Bold Moves: Jump to Outstanding Self-Managed Action.

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More About Guy:

Guy is a well-regarded speaker, teacher and guide to the continuous improvement community. He regularly delivers inspiring talks at MIT and to leaders involved in YPO (Young Presidents Organization) and EO (Entrepreneur Organization). He is the president of Value Stream Solution and was elected to the Shingo Institute Board of Advisors.

Guy has worked for the past 20 years with over 120 companies across a wide range of industries from healthcare to financial services to private equity. Early on in his career, he purchased and transformed a titanium bicycle company and soon after, became a founding member of the Lean Enterprise Institute.

Through his work, he has developed a passion for the people side of change management. The inspiration of this book came from a four-hour plane trip during which Guy started brainstorming on the concepts of the book. Allan had served as Guy’s professional coach for several years and there was on one person Guy wanted to call to move the idea forward.

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