• "Out of the Question is a must read for any CEO seeking to elevate their leadership style. Incorporating more of the "Learners Mindset" in my daily work will be essential in leading our continued efforts of building high functioning teams capable of making the necessary adjustments in the dynamic healthcare marketplace."

    Tom Carroll

  • "Milham and Parsons introduce the compelling "Learner Mindset" that is a requirement for today's leaders. It's a game changer in leadership philosophy, and essential for unifying a workforce including the broad range of expectations from baby boomers to millennials. Out of the Question is a must read for executives pursuing continual improvement."

    Mark Gilreath
    Founder and CEO, ENDOCHOICE

  • “This concept is not a fad or some fly by night leadership theory…this transformative read will be applicable 100 years from now.”

    Robb Gomez

  • “As leaders, we might have the answers, but it’s the question we need to get right. This book helps you engage more fully those around you in making the important decisions that drive your organization.”

    Verne Harnish
    CEO GAZELLES, Author of The Greatest Business Decisions of All Time and Scaling Up

  • "Out of the Question will help any leader take his or her results to the next level. The 'Learner Mindset' is the most important leadership skillset for the next decade.”

    David Hoffman
    Director, Internet Security and Privacy Officer, INTEL CORPORATION

  • "A compelling and relevant book for today's leaders committed to empowering their teams to greater & sustained results."

    Ashish Lahoti

  • “Asking the right question in the right way is unquestionably the hardest skill for any leader to develop. Read this book and save yourself twenty years of learning the hard way!“

    Robert O. Martichenko

  • “Coaching is a critical skill for any transformational leader. And, asking good questions – better considered, better formulated, better delivered – is a critical skill for any leader. Authors Parsons and Milham not only lay out a convincing argument for the foundational place of asking good questions, they give us a practical guide which any leader can use to become a better questioner and coach. This book helped me already.”

    John Shook

  • "Out of the Question delivers a leadership blueprint to successfully lead today's workforce and provoke leaders to step into the required mindset to win!"

    Ken Simonelic
    Vice President of Information Technology, TELEVERDE, INC.

  • "Focused, straight-forward, and relevant for how we are to lead to greater results in today's demanding and ever increasing complex work world."

    Lodewijk Govaerts
    CEO, SCOTIABANK Malaysia

  • "A brilliant how-to book to transform your culture with a new leadership mindset that works."

    Ravishankar Kuppuswamy
    Vice President, Platform Engineering Group INTEL CORPORATION


Uncover a new mindset and a practical approach to thriving in the firestorm of change facing today’s leaders. Existing businesses and business models are facing disruption at all levels. With fast paced environments, quick and easy access to knowledge, and a new generation of workers that thrive on collaboration, the business landscape today holds new challenges that require new approaches in communication, motivation, and innovation.

Out of the Question: How Curious Leaders Win provides a framework to guide both personal and group decision-making. With rich stories and practical approaches, you will learn where you currently fall between two leadership styles defined as the ‘Knower’ leader and the ‘Learner’ leader. The authors demonstrate how you can make continuous progress towards the ideals of ‘Learner’ Leadership in order to achieve the best possible outcomes, which inspire and engage teams.

The benefits of leading with curiosity start with:

  • Better outcomes
  • More engagment and investment
  • Faster learning
  • Reduced pressure on you, the leader
  • Less risk

Leading with curiosity rather than authority creates a collaborative learning environment where shared explorations of possible solutions to genuine questions flourishes. The process is rewarding for all and the results allow a team to accelerate their progress through the power of many.

So go ahead, discover what kind of leader you are so that you can move forward with success and readiness as this new type of leadership style forges on in today’s business world.

The Knower-Learner Spectrum

Where do YOU fall on the ‘Knower-Learner’ Spectrum?